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The date: 23rd November 2007
The Time: 7pm
The Place: ICL media studios in Guildford
The Engineer: Ian Lee
The Occasion: Recording a Podcast about the 80's Pirate radio station, Surrey Sounds and recreating some jingles
The Script: Torn up after the first five mintues!

Just to get the party started we decided to re-create some of the former Surrey Sounds Jingles. There were many on the list but the three that were selected were the Kingston High Street reporter, Enough to wake the dead and the Steve Day Breakfast show intro. Twenty minutes later and 5 takes the reporter sketch was in the bag.
Kingston Highstreet Reporter

There then followed another 20 minutes of laughter when Martin attempted to re-create the "Enough to wake the dead" jingle with some heavy breathing. Rob even had to leave the stuido and go outside in the freezing cold so that Martin could continue and then before you knew it, that was in the bag too.
Enough to wake the dead

The third jingle was a re-creation of the Steve Day Breakfast show jingle with a high pitched Gladys singing with breakfast being cooked in the background. None other than our Martin stepped up to the plate and delivered a soprano (with a little help from Ian's computer thingy)

Steve Day Breakfast show

The final hour was devoted to Rob, Roger and Martin going through the life history of the station from the DDP days to the raid which put it off the air for good.

The Surrey Sounds crew attempt to re-record the "Enough to wake the dead" jingle originally recorded in 1982.

Yet More to follow.....

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