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It was only just past eleven o’clock in the morning which seemed a bit early to start drinking beer, but life as a former Rock God (Alan, A.K.A Roger Hall) can be tuff at times.

I had come up with the tickets so it seemed only reasonable that Alan came along with me to the lunch time session of the 14th Woking Beer Festival which is now a well known annual event organised by the Surrey/ Hampshire border branch of CAMRA.

Hats off to Alan who admitted he only normally drinks Lager, but he did manage to start with a bottle of the stuff before moving on to one of the excellent choices of Cider which was on offer along with an interesting selection of Perry.

It was only at the very end that I managed to convince Alan to sample some Young’s Winter Warmer which I’m not sure he was over impressed with and I must say I’ve had better, so a little disappointing. Let’s hope the Young’s move out of London is just a coincidence.

It was good to see a very local brewery (Addlestone, Surrey) being represented with Wayland’s ‘Addled Ale’ and ‘Blonde Belle’ on offer. It was a shame that the Wayland’s ‘Surrey Special’ was not available as I think that would have picked up votes in the Festival Beer Awards.

Waylands is a small, independent, family run business which was established in 2007 and from talking to some of the CAMRA staff Scott Wayland started out as a Home Brew enthusiast and has been planning on running his own brewery for some time, which proves you can do it if you really try.

Details of the brewery can be found on their web site by going to:

Another Surrey brewery was also at the festival and were able to provide three beers, ‘Ranmore Ale’, ‘Shere Drop’ and ‘Albury Ruby’ the later being my favourite as it’s a nice dark warming beer, good for keeping out the cold.
Surrey Hill was established in 2005 and s located in Shere. More information can be found on their web site by going to:
On a final note, The Woking Beer Festival is a well organised event and credit must go to the CAMRA Branch and the volunteer staff who help to serve the beer and ensure everyone has and enjoyable and safe time. If you would like to know more about the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in your area go to their web site at:

Cheers, Martin Hill

(A.K.A Martin Clarke)

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